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A HOT Mess: Summer Heat Impact on Asphalt Shingles

Discover the hidden consequences of scorching temperatures on asphalt shingle roofs. We explore the impact of hot weather on the durability and performance of asphalt shingles. From expansion and contraction to accelerated aging, gain insights into the challenges that asphalt roofs face under relentless heat. Learn how to safeguard your investment and prolong the life of your asphalt shingle roof with expert tips and maintenance strategies.

roofing problems that can not be seen without an upclose inpsection. Photo of home's roof and rainbow with Tri-State Roofing Logo

Revealing the Unseen: Why Close Shingle Inspections are Vital for Roof Health

Shingles can sustain damage in various ways, and sometimes the damage is not immediately visible to the naked eye. . It is essential to have a professional roofer conduct regular inspections to identify any underlying issues with your shingles, even if they appear intact from a distance. Their expertise and close examination can help identify…