Commercial Single-ply Roofing Systems

Tri-State Commercial Roofing installing a TPO single ply roofing system
With energy costs at an all-time high, building owners, architects, homeowners, roofing contractors and engineers are all looking for a way to keep energy costs at a minimum. Single-ply roofing systems have already been proven to be a great choice. They are currently used on over two billion square feet of roofing in America alone.  We offer single-ply roofing systems, and the benefits are difficult to ignore.

What is a Commercial Single-ply Roofing System?

A Single-ply Roofing System is composed of layers that are glued or heat welded together to create a watertight roof surface.  The first layer that goes down is a rigid 4×8′ sheet of insulation. Next a large roll of thermoplastic membrane (TPO) or rubber is rolled out to cover the surface. Each sheet overlaps the next by 6-8″. Then the sheets are either glued or heat welded together.  The TPO creates a white surface. The rubber creates a black surface.

What are the benefits of a Commercial Single-ply Roofing System?

  • Waterproofing abilities stop leaks before they can start.
  • Resists powerful winds and damaging hail.
  • Achieve UL fire rating.
  • Works in all climates and can be applied in all seasons.
  • TPO Helps keep energy costs down by reflecting 85% of the sun.
  • Highly energy efficient by reducing cooling costs up to 50%.
  • 20-year, non-prorated warranty.
    • All of these great single-ply roofing membrane features are backed by a 20-year, non-prorated warranty. Oftentimes, materials and workmanship are both covered 100% for the entire length of the warranty. The material warranty is also completely transferable if the building gets sold.

Why choose a Commercial Single-ply Roofing System?

This ENERGY STAR® rated thermoplastic membrane is an excellent choice in re-roofing and new roof applications. It provides protection from harsh elements like: rain, hail, wind and chemicals. This single-ply roofing product is reinforced with durable, synthetic rubber. The copolymer used in this roofing system enhances the performance of the roof by creating great flexibility, excellent strength and an impressive durability that is hard to find on the market today. Recognized by major code approval agencies as a natural fire-resistant material.

Every single penny you put into your building is considered an investment. A single-ply roofing membrane can pay for itself in saved energy costs by diverting 85% of the sun’s heated rays away from the building. Air conditioning and refrigeration systems will no longer have to work as hard. These type of savings will quickly add up over time.

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5 tips for creating your Church Safety Program that you can implement for free. TriState Commercial Roofing offers on-site estimates and Church discounts. Call 615-784-4628

5 Tips for Creating Your Church Safety Program

Having a good safety program for your church does not have to be costly, however, failing to have one could cost Everything!  Here are 5 Simple Tips that every church can take that will help protect their church but not affect the budget.

  • 2 Person Rule for Children’s and Youth Department – this rule simply says that no adult will be left alone with a child or youth.  This protects the child’s well-being and the employee and volunteer from false accusations.
  • 6 Month Waiting Period for Children’s and Youth Volunteers –  can help eliminate those who have bad intentions towards the children and youth.
  • Secure the Building – as services and activities wind down, start locking doors to areas of the church that are not being used.  This is for entering the building only, all doors must be able to be exited at any time.
  • Have a Good Greeter Program – churches are a “welcoming” place anyway, but having individuals keeping an eye on the parking lot and surrounding areas of the church can prevent criminal acts.
  • Have Written Policies and Procedure and USE them!  Employee Manuals, Disaster Plans, Building Safety Plans, Volunteer Applications and Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies are just a few we suggest.
Churches are increasingly becoming targets for criminal activities.  It is vitally important that churches of all sizes, all denominations and non-denominations take the necessary steps to protect and prevent disastrous activities that could cripple their churches ability to minister to their community.

Reposted with permission from Shropshire Insurance

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Church Roof Tips For Longevity

4 Tips For Roof Longevity

Your roof represents a major investment and is essential to protecting your Church, home or business. Take steps to identify problems before they turn into more costly issues. Here are 4 tips for roof longevity.

You can tell a lot about the condition of your roof by performing a visual inspection yourself and an annual professional inspection.

The weather extremes in our climate are bound to take a toll on your roof.  A skilled roofer can identify any emerging problems, plus they can also estimate your roofs expected lifespan and offer suggestions on how to preserve and protect it.

Gutter maintenance and tree overhang cause a lot of problems with perfectly good roofs, but because they are not performing as they should, cause the roof system to fail also.

Choosing the right roofer is paramount. Quality products and skilled workers will ensure a roof that lasts much longer.


At Tri-State Commercial Roofing (TSCR) a transparent assessment of your roof is our plan to serve your needs effectively. TSCR is a licensed general contractor for Church roofing projects, building owners and homeowners. We have the experience to give roofing solutions that are cost effective and provide peace of mind for the long term.  We have an A+ BBB rating and strive to provide the excellent service our customers have come to expect from us. For your Free, No-Hassle onsite estimate click here.


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Roof Inspection Lebanon, Tennessee

Roof Inspection Lebanon TN PIC 1

Tri-State Commercial Roofing is the company to call with all of your roofing needs. We perform quality roof inspections as well. If you are located in, or around, the Lebanon, Tennessee area we would be happy to inspect your roof.

At Tri-State we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction. You will never have to wonder if you made the right choice when you choose Tri-State Commercial Roofing. We ensure all of our crew members receive the highest level of training possible and we strive daily for excellence.

The Importance of Routine Inspections

Roof Inspection Lebanon TN PIC 2

When a roofing asset isn’t properly managed it can cut the roofs life span by as much as 33.3%-50%. A roof isn’t just a roof, it’s an investment and we can help you get the most out of your investment. Getting your roof on a routine maintenance schedule can help with many things. A few examples are:

• Spotting small issues before they become costly repairs down the road
• We can provide you with documentation on your roofs update condition
• Save money on repairs
• And many, many more

Let our quality service technicians here at Tri-State Commercial Roofing help you protect your largest asset. We can get your roof scheduled with our routine maintenance program to make sure your roof is receiving the attention it requires.

Why Tri-State Commercial Roofing?

Choosing a residential or commercial roofing company can be challenging. We want to make sure you feel informed and know who we are not only as a company, but as people too. A few things that help us stand out in the roofing community are:

On-Site Estimates

• 25+ years of experience in the roofing industry
• Outstanding reputation among the roofing community
• Veteran owned business
• ENERGY STAR Certified
• Proud installer of Conklin roofing products

With Tri-State Commercial Roofing we aim to provide each and every customer with the best service possible. We have a daily goal to consistently go above and beyond when it comes to our clients and the services we provide.

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Give us a call today at (615) 784-4628 so we can schedule a time for one of our service technicians to provide you with a quality roof inspection. After which, you will be presented with a detailed evaluation on your roofs current condition. We understand the importance of your roof functioning properly which is why we provide long-term solutions at affordable prices. If you have any questions at all our expert will sit down with you to make sure you understand all of your options.

Don’t wait to call, (615) 784-4628, for your roof inspection. We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business. Let us show you just how Tri-State Commercial Roofing takes customer service to then next level.

Roof Coating Nashville TN

Roof Coating Nashville TN PIC 1

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly way to enhance the lifespan of your roof, Tri-State Commercial Roofing can be of assistance. We are a professional applicator of roof coating systems, which serves customers in and nearby the Nashville, Tennessee area. Premium coating systems are a great way to rejuvenate the performance of your flat or low-slope roof. These systems applied over your current roofing, which upgrades it’s performance and durability at a much lower cost compared to that of a full roof replacement.

Tri-State Commercial Roofing is a full-service roofing contractor. Our personnel is built up of applicators who have 25+ years of roofing experience. We are proud to offer quality roof knowledge, professional workmanship, and superior service to each and every one of our customers. To find out more about our products and services, call us at (615) 784-4628 to speak with one of our associates. We look forward to assisting you!

Roof Coating Advantages

While there is a large array of solutions for handling commercial roofing problems, roof coatings are superb choice for a number of reasons. In addition to being a budget-friendly approach to roof repair, roof coating systems offer a number of other benefits, such as:

Roof Coating Nashville TN PIC 2

• Extends the life of an old roof
• ENERGY STAR® certified
• Lowers energy bills
• Form a seamless, water-tight membrane
• Fluctuates according to temperature changes
• Resist damage from high winds, hail, fire, and more
• No disruptive tear-off like a re-roofing project
• Has the ability to be recoated, which further extends its lifespan

Roof coating systems have the option to be reocated, which means the warranty options are both renewable and extendable! To find out more, give us a call at (615) 784-4628 and request a professional, on-site roof evaluation and coating estimate. One of our experienced specialists will visit your facility and perform a detailed inspection. After this, we’ll be able to provide a number of viable solutions for addressing your issues.

Premium Coating Solutions

Tri-State Commercial Roofing provides many restoration solutions for a number of roofing substrates, including:

On-Site Estimates

• Metal roofing
• Built-up roofing
• Modified bitumen
• And more

If your commercial roof has seen better days, call us! We can solve your current issues, and also prevent future recurring problems by using our maintenance and repair program.

Roof Coating Estimates

Tri-State Commercial Roofing knows that each roof is unique. That is why we offer tailored roof coating estimates. Call us today, and one of our associates will visit your site and inspect your roof’s condition. Then, we can provide custom solutions for any of your issues.

Don’t wait! Call us at (615) 784-4628 to request a professional on-site estimate and extend the life of your roof!

Flat Roof Repair Nashville TN

Flat Roof Repair Nashville TN PIC 1

Is your roof in need of flat roof repair services? If your facility is located in or around the Nashville, Tennessee area, Tri-State Roofing may be able to help. With over 25+ years of hands-on roofing experience, our skilled roofing applicators can tackle any stressful roofing issue. We strive to provide a headache-free roofing experience for all of our clients.

No matter the roofing issue, whether it’s a specific troublesome area, or something of a larger scale, we can help. Tri-State Roofing aims to offer premium workmanship and service on each project we handle. Call us today at (615) 784-4628 to request a professional on-site roof evaluation. After the survey, we’ll show you numerous solutions based on your roof’s current situation.

Flat Roof Repair Problems

Flat Roof Repair Nashville TN PIC 2

Flat roofs are an essential investment for any commercial and industrial asset. While they are an economically smart choice in cost difference, they also occupy significantly less space than a roof with a greater pitch or slope.

Flat roofs do have a lot of benefits with them, but that does not mean they do not experience issues in their lifespan. Like any roofing type, your flat roof will experience issues over time. Some of these issues include:

• Ponding water
• Entrapped moisture
• Punctures or tears
• Weathering and aging
• Wind damage
• UV induced damage
• And more

A roof that is not regularly inspected and maintained is vulnerable to cumbersome and costly damage, whether it is big or small. The more time spent trying to solve these pesky issues means more money, time, and sleep lost to something that could’ve been avoided. Call Tri-State Roofing when your roof needs professional service and we will help increase its lifespan!

Why Hire Us for Repair?

A roof is more than just a roof in this day and age. It is the protection of your building, the employees, tenants, and important assets inside of it. Routine maintenance and repair are superior solutions that help minimize your costs and enhance your roofing investment.

When you select Tri-State Roofing, you receive the following qualifications and benefits for your project:

On-Site Estimates

• 25+ years of roofing experience
• Professional, attentive service
• Friendly, caring customer care
• Efficient project management
• Constant roofing support

Customer satisfaction is a main priority at Tri-State Roofing when we accept any project. We use commercial roofing products with an amazing reputation for high quality. These systems are also supported with non-prorated warranty coverage for long-term comfort.

Call us today! We will have one of our technicians survey the problematic issues of your roof and find the most viable option to resolve them.

Flat Roof Repair Solutions

We have the skills and methods to handle numerous flat roof issues and solutions including:

• Modified bitumen
• Metal
• Built-up roofing
• EPDM rubber
• And more!

Get a head start on your roofing journey! Call us at (615) 784-4628 to request a professional, on-site repair estimate. We look forward to helping you!

Rubber Roof Repair Franklin TN


Tri-State Commercial Roofing provides rubber roof repair services around the Franklin, Tennessee area. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM roofing) is a popular option in the commercial roofing industry. No roof is immune to roofing problems, and like any type of industrial or commercial roof, it will experience problems sometime during its lifespan.

If you’re looking for professional, quality rubber roof repair services, Tri-State Commercial Roofing is the contractor for you! We have over 25 years of experience in the roofing and construction field. These years of hands-on work have obtained for us a vast knowledge, which allows us to handle any roofing project. Call us to request an on-site roof evaluation and estimate! You can contact us at (615) 784-4628 and we are more than happy to assist you.

Why Rubber Roof Repair?

This is an important question most customers ask before any project. EPDM is one of the most common options in comparison to traditional roofing due to its durability and longevity. While EPDM may be durable and will last for many years, it will need some form of repair and maintenance over this time period.

The usual damaging factor to any roof is prolonged exposure to the elements of nature. Here are a few of these issues:

On-Site Estimates

• Shrinkage
• Cracking
• Loose bonds
• Pooling/ponding water
• Punctures
• Blow-offs

With our experience, we can handle all of these issues at Tri-State Commercial Roofing. Throughout these 25+ years, we’ve handled a number of roofing problems and use this to provide quality service on each of our roofing projects. To find out more about our services, call us at (615) 784-4628.

Professional Rubber Roof Repair Contractor


Based in Lebanon, Tennessee, Tri-State Commercial Roofing operates as a full-service roofing contractor and provides quality services to residential, multi-family, and commercial assets. We also provide services to those in the surrounding areas such as Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Clarksville, Lebanon, Crossville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Germantown, Jackson, Memphis, Mount Juliet, and Hendersonville.

We strive to put our customers as the main priority for our business and we aim to solve their roofing problems effectively and promptly. If you choose to work with Tri-State Commercial Roofing, you receive the following benefits:

• Craftsmen with 25+ years of experience
• Attentive and professional services
• Dedicated, friendly customer care
• Premium service and workmanship
• Customized maintenance programs designed specifically for your roof’s situation
• Resources to service corporate accounts
• Skills to meet industrial and commercial needs

If you have any questions about your rubber roofing repair needs, don’t wait to call us! Our team members are ready to discuss your current roofing situation and devise a strategy to address its current issues. You can also request a professional on-site assessment and estimate to analyze the work needed for your roof.

Estimate for Rubber Roof Repair

Call us today if you’re in need of rubber roof repair services! We service properties all around the Tennessee area and can have our trained contractors provide you with a professional estimate before your project starts. With our experience and record, Tri-State Commercial Roofing is ready to handle your roofing project.

Don’t wait – call us today at (615) 784-4628 to request a rubber roof repair estimate! We look forward to assisting you!

Roof Inspection Franklin TN


Tri-State Commercial Roofing provides roofing services in the Franklin, Tennessee area, which includes professional roof inspections. Our schedule inspection programs help identify future issues and stop them in their tracks while addressing the roof’s current issues as well. These inspections can save you time and money that would be wasted on costly repairs.

Weather is the main deteriorating factor for roofing. Over time, the elements can wear down the roof causing a decrease in performance. If the weather gets worse, it could even lead to requiring a storm restoration service. You can avoid all the hassle and expenses by having your roof on a scheduled roof inspection program. We can help turn your old roof into a profitable roofing asset. Contact us to find out more about our services today at (615) 784-4628.

Roof Inspection Value


Failure to acknowledge roofing issues can chop your roof’s lifespan down by 33.3%-50.0%, as shown by industry studies. A roof is more than just a roof. It’s an investment. Routine roof checkups will pay for themselves by avoiding the event of a premature roof replacement. Roof checkups also have a few benefits:

• Documentation of the roof’s condition
• Helps maximize ROI
• The opportunity to fix problems early
• Minimized repair costs
• Stabilized general liability costs
• And much more!

Tri-State Commercial Roofing’s associates are ready to assist you with whatever roofing assistance you may need. Call us to find out we can help you in lowering your roofing expenses over time!

Professional Inspection Services

Commercial roof repairs are a common occurrence, but you can prevent them from occurring as well. Secure your roof with one of our inspection programs. Here are the types of roofs we service:

On-Site Estimates

• Modified bitumen
• Metal
• Built-up
• And others

To get the most out of your roofing investment, we recommend choosing one of our inspection programs. Call us today to schedule an inspection that is convenient for you, so we can help you get started. Our trained associates are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the inspections. It is our pleasure to help you get your roof back to providing quality performance!

Roof Inspection Estimates

If you’re located in the Franklin, TN area, Tri-State Commercial Roofing has your back. Whether it’s an inspection, or discussing the benefits of our roofing programs, we always happy to help. Call us to learn more today.

Contact one of our members today at (615) 784-4628. Tri-State Commercial Roofing is here to help.

Commercial Roofing Company LebanonTN


Looking for a professional commercial roofing company in Lebanon, Tennessee? Narrowing down your choices for the best roofer doesn’t have to be a headache. You can start by examining a few key factors that can help you choose the right commercial roofer for your needs.
These factors include:

• Is the contractor licensed and insured?
• Do their technicians and applicators have adequate experience?
• Can the contractor provide references from past work?
• Do they deliver friendly, professional service?
• Does the contractor have a strong local reputation?
• Are they certified by their manufacturer(s) of choice?
• Do they possess the resources necessary to complete your project?
• And more!

Tri-State Commercial Roofing provides years of roofing knowledge, quality workmanship, and excellent service. Our trained roofing applicators have over 25 years of experience with every process of roof installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether your roof requires small, localized repairs, or a large-scale roofing project, give us a call today at 615-784-4628 to request a professional, on-site, roof assessment and estimate!

Our Commercial Roofing Company

On-Site Estimates

We provide vast roofing knowledge, professional workmanship and premium service. We strive to provide the most stress-free roofing experience available on the market. Some of benefits we offer include:

• 25+ years of roofing expertise
• Professional, responsive services
• Friendly, attentive customer care
• Premium service and workmanship
• Fully licensed and insured
• Maintenance programs customized for your needs
• Resources to service corporate accounts
• Ability to meet industrial and commercial needs

Your roof is more than just a roof. It’s roofing investment and we understand that. That’s why we aim to achieve excellence in every way for our business. Choose Tri-State Commercial Roofing, and you can expect effective solutions and thoroughness in every detail of your project. We are more than happy to assist you with your commercial roofing needs!

Professional Commercial Roofing Company


The upkeep of a commercial roof is required to maximize your roofing investment. That is why it is essential to have a proper roofing installation and schedule regular maintenance. Choosing high-quality materials is also important. Tri-State Commercial Roofing uses products from reliable manufacturers with decades of experience in the commercial roofing market. Here are some of their benefits:

• Superior leak resistance
• Highly durable and strong
• Resists severe hail, UV damage, fire and more
• Meets ENERGY STAR® standards
• Reduced HVAC related expenses
• Less intensive maintenance demands
• Non-prorated warranty option

Here at Tri-State Commercial Roofing, we combine premium workmanship with reliable, high-performance products. Call us today at 615-784-4628 to find out more about our professional roofing workmanship and quality project results.

Roofing Company Estimates in Lebanon, TN

We show you our dedication to excellent customer service with a professional roof estimate. If your commercial roof needs repair services, call Tri-State Commercial Roofing today! One of our experienced specialists will visit your site and perform a detailed evaluation of your roof and identify troublesome areas. Afterwards, we will present solutions based on your roof’s unique needs.

Call us today at 615-784-4628 to discuss your commercial roofing needs. We look forward to helping you!

Flat Roof Replacement Lebanon TN


Looking for professional flat roof replacement services in Lebanon, Tennessee? Contact the experts at Tri-State Commercial Roofing for all of your roofing needs. We have over 25 years of experience handling a large array of roofing issues. Our professional and trained personnel back this experience. Employees receive in-house training and education that helps them provide customer care and service on a whole other level in the roofing industry.

Give us a call at 615-784-4628 to discuss your specific roofing requirements. We are more than happy to schedule a professional, on-site roof survey to assess the current condition of your roof. Afterwards, we’ll be able to present a list of solutions that best suit your roof’s current situation.

Flat Roof Replacement Services

Flat roofs are a common choice for commercial and industrial applications. They are smaller in size and generally offer exceptional cost-savings. With time, however, even an efficient flat can become prone to experience issues.
A few problems you may experience include:

• Punctures or tears
• General weathering and aging
• Standing water
• Entrapped moisture
• Wind damage
• UV induced damage
• And more!

If your flat roof has experienced any of these issues, promptly addressing them is the best solution to avoid excess repair expenses. If ignored, these issues could cause a complete roof failure in the future. If you’re in need of a small-scale re-roofing or a complete flat roof replacement, call Tri-State Commercial Roofing!

Lebanon Flat Roof Replacement

On-Site Estimates

We value our business and customers highly, which is why we take everything very seriously. Some benefits you’ll receive when choosing Tri-State Commercial Roofing include:

• 25+ years roofing expertise
• Professional, responsive services
• Friendly, attentive customer care
• Quality-minded professionals
• Efficient project management
• Ability to meet industrial and commercial needs

We strive to complete every project on time while providing a stress-free environment. Call 615-784-4628 to find out more about the benefits of working with Tri-State Commercial Roofing!

Flat Roof Replacement Solutions


Each roofing project is unique. That’s why we begin each project with an on-site assessment. After we’ve traced the problem areas, we provide a selection of replacement solutions, such as:

• Re-roofing projects of all sizes
• Cost-effective property renovations
• Emergency repair demands
• Disaster recovery or restoration

In some roofing situations, Tri-State Commercial Roofing may be able to save you excess costs by applying a coating restoration system to your roof. These systems can refresh your roof and revert its performance back to its brand new state at a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. To see if this solutions works for you, schedule a professional, on-site assessment today!

Roof Replacement Estimates

In order to kick-start your roofing journey, schedule a professional estimate. Whether it’s a needed localized repair or re-roofing project, you can count on Tri-State Commercial Roofing. We look forward to increasing the performance of your roof!

Don’t wait! Give us a call at 615-784-4628 to request an on-site roof assessment and professional estimate. We look forward to speaking with you!